For some time now Gebaplast has been producing blanking panels for various data centres. The blanking panels are made of a first-rate, flame-retarding (PC-ABS-V0) plastic material. This material is used for plastic applications, such as in data centres. The blanking panels can be supplied standard without a logo, but if required, it can be furnished with a customized logo. Read on »

Blind plates

Dispy Medicine dispenser

For a number of years Gebaplast is the proud manufacturers of the Dispy Medicine Dispenser. The Dispy Medicine Dispenser is a packaging for strings sachets, produced by a Baxter machines. Due to the various distribution channels the Dispy Medicine Dispenser can be found throughout Europe. Because of the possibility to provide the Dispy Medicine Dispenser with a personal logo and the lid in company colours, the Dispy Medicine Dispenser will become a personal product for every customer. Read on »

Dipsy Medical Box

Plant Growth Cell

The Plant Growth Cell (PGC) is a cultivation vase for any plant, especially the Phalaenopsis Orchid. The vase is characterised by its unique hexagonal shape. This shape did not come out of the blue, but was based on the typifying symmetric form of the Phalaenopsis. By using this shape a maximal yield can be obtained from the production. The hexagon combines a high utilisation of space with extra room in the places where the plant is asking for it. In comparison with a round shape the PGC can offer a plant up to 20% more growing space in the growth direction of the leaves at the same number of plants per m2! This growing space makes for a more open position of the leaves, more space in the vase and more light into the heart of the plant. Read on»

Plant groei cel