The DRUMCLIP DC18A is an innovative tool that makes it safer and easier to secure tight head drums to a curtain side truck, without the use of extra pallets. The DRUMCLIP is TÜV-certified. Using the DRUMCLIP contributes to:
- less weight to transport
- less fuel consumption
- CO2-reduction
- less wear of ratchet straps
- faster loading and unloading
- no return loads of pallets.
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For some time now Gebaplast has been producing blanking panels for various data centres. The blanking panels are made of a first-rate, flame-retarding (PC-ABS-V0) plastic material. This material is used for plastic applications, such as in data centres. The blanking panels can be supplied standard without a logo, but if required, it can be furnished with a customized logo.
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Blind plates

Dispy Medicine dispenser

For a number of years Gebaplast is the proud manufacturers of the Dispy Medicine Dispenser. The Dispy Medicine Dispenser is a packaging for strings sachets, produced by a Baxter machines. Due to the various distribution channels the Dispy Medicine Dispenser can be found throughout Europe. Because of the possibility to provide the Dispy Medicine Dispenser with a personal logo and the lid in company colours, the Dispy Medicine Dispenser will become a personal product for every customer.
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Dipsy Medical Box

Gebaplast: part of the Geba Group

Gebaplast is part of the Geba Group. Other parts of the Geba Group are Dataplast, DRUMCLIP and Geba Innovations. Geba Group is the right partner when it comes to plastic products. From idea to implementation.